Parmelia sulcata dye

Parmelia sulcata dye

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Looking for Parmelia? Find out information about Parmelia. a genus of lichens of the family Parmeliaceae. The foliaceous thallus has incised lobes and is whitish gray or yellowish green to dark...Successful cancer treatments still require more compounds to be isolated from natural sources. Thus, we have investigated anti-proliferative/apoptotic effects of methanolic extracts of lichen species...

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Parmelia sulcata Name Synonyms Parmelia cruenta Darb. Parmelia encryptica A.Crespo, Divakar & M Parmelia rosaeformis (Ach.) Gyeln. Parmelia rosaeformis f. cretaceosorediosa Gyeln. Parmelia rosaeformis f. domestica Gyeln. Parmelia rosaeformis f. fagicola Gyeln. Parmelia rosaeformis f. griseosorediosa Gyeln. Parmelia sulcata is a foliose lichen in the family Parmeliaceae. It is very tolerant of pollution and has a cosmopolitan distribution, making it one of the most common lichens. It harbours a unicellular...

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Parmelia, largest genus of foliose (leafy) lichens, which includes among its members the species commonly known as crottle and skull lichen. Crottle, the largest foliose lichen, resembles crumpled...

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